Damon salvatore bio

damon salvatore bio

Ian Somerhalder plays the steamy Damon Salvatore on The Vampire Diaries. Find out what this stud likes to do in real life in his Kidzworld bio. Damon Salvatore is one of the two main male protagonists of The Vampire Diaries. Damon was a. Read Bio from the story Damon Salvatore by StefanxxDamon with ganzgames.review I'm Damon Salvatore I'm an age that you don't need to know.

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Die Traveller tauchen in der Lagerhalle auf, haben gegen Damon jedoch keine Chance. Apparently, Rebekah's more than a bit annoyed at Damon for seducing her and then using Sage to read her mind so she sneaks into the Salvatore boarding house and knocks Alaric out. Die Beiden verabschieden sich voneinander. When Tyler almost bites him, Bonnie stops Damon from staking Tyler with the White Oak Stake. Elena spricht ihn an und er erzählt ihr das was Tessa ihm erzählt hat:. Elena tells Damon that she only said it because of the sire bond and she feels nothing for him.

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Damon reminded her of their deal, but she admitted that she was unwilling to unleash all of the vampires on Mystic Falls, in spite of the fact that Damon had kept his end of the deal. Damit ist Damon für acht Stunden gesättigt. Damon returns to the wedding to find Bonnie badly injured on the floor and Kai's reminder that letting Bonnie die will allow Elena to regain consciousness. Damon chases Jeremy throughout Mystic Falls and advises Jeremy that he is compelled and he needs to kill him. Katherine reveals that Pearl had information on a vampire hunter that could kill the Originals. Stefan then dragged Damon off and imprisoned him in a cell in the basement of the Salvatore House. He then appeared at the Salvatore Boarding House the home that a descendent of theirs named Zack lives in and maintains; the boarding house becomes the home of both Damon and Stefan while they are in Mystic Falls and picked a fight with Stefan, once again refusing to put their physical rivalry aside. They arrive at the address Damon had for the witch inas Damon couldn't remember where her shop was and little woods needed a place to start. He can be very charming, and certainly seductive as. During the course of the original four books, it is implied that Damon may have a renewed respect for human beings as something other than food. Als Bonnie eines Tages wieder auf das Kreuzworträtzel guckt sieht sie dass 27 Waagerecht gelöst ist. Doch Stefan, der die Verwandlung zum Vampir bereits vollzogen hatte, wollte seinen Bruder nicht sterben lassen und zwang ihn das Blut eines Menschen zu trinken.